Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Great RV Sales Race

I know what your thinking..... Does the fun ever end at RV Sales? The answer is NO. 

Today Ralph and Chris decided they should have a race (boys will be boys) and were trying to stir up bets. Buffie and Jill said they would only bet if Kathy was in the race and they could bet on her (everyone knows Kathy is the fastest runner).  By 2:30 Brian,Chris and Ralph were ready to race... Kathy being so smart declined.
The race was going to start as the dumpster and go out into the parking lot. No one thought that maybe the gravel would cause a hazard.
First Brian went down, followed by Ralph.

Kathy sighed... "oh Ralph"


More blood  

But we're going to do it again, in the dirt this time, and Keven joins in on the fun.
On your mark Get set GOOOOO

Raleigh the line judge says that Brian was first followed by Chris and Keven.
Ok, back to work.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How half of RV Sales employees almost ended up in jail last night

Names have been changed to protect the guilty!
Caution: Graphic Pictures below
It all started 10 days ago when Jackie’s dog was attacked by a WILD pack of coyotes.
(see pictures)
Now this alleged pack of coyotes have been seen stalking Jackie’s mother JoMamma when she’s out on her morning walks, leaving JoMamma feeling a bit unnerved.

Yesterday while eating lunch in RV Sales kitchen Jackie hired a hit man AKA Dr. Woolf to “take care of the problem”. Witnesses report that no money was exchanged for said service, but no one knows what happened under the table.  

What is known, is that at 8:00 PM Dr. Woolf along with two armed associates (one who is a minor) showed up at Jackie’s home with weapons, and a coyote caller (there’s an app for that), and began “calling’ the Coyotes out of hiding. At one point five coyotes were seen answering the call. Jackie stated, “who knows how many were on their way out of the woods!” At this point Jackie, JoMamma, and Dr Woolf were seen on the back porch drinking wine (allegedly from a box no less) while the armed associates drove down the valley in search of the pack of coyotes.  It was reported that the minor Wyatt Cody Earp was driving the truck with Wild Chris Hickok in the bed of the truck armed with his rifle. Shots rang out in the valley, and then sirens.

Three Sheriff officers pulled onto the scene, weapons drawn and megaphones instructing the alleged gunslingers to drop their weapons.  After a pat down (only a knife was found on Wild Chris Hickok) the gunslingers were instructed to NOT shoot coyotes unless you or your animals are in immediate danger. After a firm talking to only a warning was given, and all parties were released on their own recognizance .

Lesson Learned!
Jackie said, "Next time she'll hire a professional".

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Here... It's Here!!!

31RLE Special Edition
Peterson Industries made a handful of this trailer, and we got one.
It's a great floor plan, with all the cushy amenities Excel is known for....
But a price that will knock your socks off.
Call us for details! (505)832-2400


We love this floor plan! It has an "office center" that would be perfect for anyone who needs to get in their computer time.
The living area is roomie roomie roomie! Picture yourself living large in this beautiful trailer!