Friday, August 20, 2010

It’s time to tell the story of --- The Kool Kids Kampout---

What a wonderful time! Rye, Colorado is gorgeous, Lake San Isabel just down the road, Bishops Castle close by, and four wheeling trails in all directions.
The weather was lovely and we got to enjoy a few mountain showers which are the perfect backdrop for nap time.
The campground has a “bear problem” (see picture with the bucket of the tractor on the trash dumpster….. It’s how they bear proofed it) and we were all told to keep our truck doors locked because apparently the bears can open doors. I wonder if you leave the keys in if they could drive too?

We shared some impromptu pot luck meals, and enjoyed music entertainment AKA Jam Session, put on by some of the campers that stay at the campground all summer. One was even an Elvis look alike.
The weekend was relaxing, laid back and full of fun memories with dear friends!

Read Below if your dare…. It’s a scary story of what can happen to anyone at anytime in any campground.
It was the evening after most of the Kool Kids had left the campout. Only the Koolest of the Kool were left behind.
There was a serious rainstorm that started around dinner time. All the Kool Kids were in their trailers eating dinner and keeping dry…. Or so we thought.

Savanna and her fearless K-9 Gabby were out fly fishing in the stream that the storm had created. When all of a sudden Larry jumped on the picnic table and tried to surf down the stream.

Patty who knows that Larry isn’t a strong surfer came tearing out of her trailer,
leaving tire marks in the grass

just in time to see Gary get struck by lighting (because he was flying a kite with a key on it). Verna who saw Larry coming straight for their trailer on his surfing picnic table yelled to Jim (who was in the bathroom) but it was too late…. Larry took out the awning and was wrapped up in it like a burrito. The jolt of it cause Jim (still in the bathroom) to suffer with whiplash.

Scott came flying over on his golf cart to see if he could help, but the chaos was too great. So he had to climb onto the trailer and work on crowd control….

The crowd consisting of Pat, Buffie, Tommy, Cherry, Connie, Lyle and Lauren.

The truer story is: A LARGE trailer (toy hauler) had just checked in at the office, and they were heading to their spot…. Going the wrong way. They cut the turn too short and took out the awning arm of Jim and Verna’s trailer. But I like my story much better!